25 First Date Ideas

Sick of just getting drinks? Win points by suggesting something more interesting. Located in Chicago’s Bucktown Neighborhood, The Bristol is a relaxed, casual restaurant that has quickly become a staple for the city’s foodies, gourmands, and gastronomes looking for creative and innovative fare. Spread over two floors, the upper level consists of a private dining space for special events while the eatery boasts stylish, contemporary décor and chic appeal. If you are looking for romantic date ideas in Chicago, this is a great place to try. An all-American menu featuring farm-to-table produce, fresh charcuterie, and handmade pasta is served by professional, friendly staff and an impressive wine list gives diners options from over two hundred vintners and beers from around the globe.

25 First Date Ideas

25 First Date Ideas

This 142,000-square-foot facility on the Baylor campus is a wonderful learning experience for children as well as adults. It features a natural history museum focusing on Central Texas with walk-in dioramas, including one on the Waco Mammoth Site, and exploration stations for geology, paleontology, archaeology and natural history. Themed discovery rooms offer hands-on learning.

Unlike many Cape Town markets, you won’t leave this one feeling overstuffed. Vendors largely focus on fresh produce and tasty, organic goods. Don’t get me wrong though … there is the odd cup/pancake stand should the craving come from the depths of your belly. The cheerful, charming City Bowl Market takes place every Thursday evening and Saturday morning and is another rainy day favourite as it’s housed in an old school hall.

Yes, you can find an instrument for free — and learn how to play it for free as well. Just hit Craigslist and Freecycle looking for freebies, then utilize YouTube and other resources for tutorials. Here’s a detailed guide to learning an instrument for free With a bit of diligence and effort, you can start from nowhere and learn to play a song on your own instrument for no cost.

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Tonight we’re taking an overnight flight from Los Angeles and tomorrow we will be in Savannah — our first time. We rented an SUV so we can visit the wildlife refuges, drive the coast and see some outlying areas. We’re staying at the Dresser Palmer House in the Johnny Mercer Suite for eight days. I hope that will allow us to meander and see all these wonderful recommendations without killing our legs and feet. We’ve also taken note of suggestions from commenters. If you like we’ll post a report when we get back. I’m so excited about this trip. My husband retired today and I can’t think of a better way to exit one world and enter another than to immediately fly across the country to someplace that will be new and exotic to us.

For an ardent movie fan, Mumbai is certainly not just any other city. Get a chance to meet your favorite celebrity while for those who are more interested in back-stage activities can take a tour to animation, VFX and sound mixing studies. From all other things you can do in Mumbai, this one activity will no doubt make you live your Teenage fan days.

Bree Street lies in the centre of the city parallel to Loop Street and Long Street, and for a while now it has surpassed the status of up and coming, having grown into the hotbed of quintessential Cape Town culture it is today. Some say it’s Cape Town’s best kept secret chock-a-block with bars, boutique restaurants, galleries and shops of the international designer and homegrown variety; oozing Mother City charm and heritage all the way. Highlights include schmoozing at Jason’s with a coffee and a croissant in the morning, lunch at The Birds or Clarke’s Dining Room, seeing what goods are on offer at SAM (South African Market), before heading downstairs to La Parada for some tapas and sundowners with the rest of Cape Town’s inner city professionals.

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One of the finest art museums in the world, The Art Institute of Chicago is a world-renowned encyclopedic art museum that houses more than 300,000 works of art. Located in Grant Park within Chicago’s Landmark Historic Michigan Boulevard District, the museum features works by world-famous artists. Here, you can see a variety of timeless artworks, including American Gothic by Grant Wood, Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte and Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks.

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